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Do you love Real Estate but don't want to be a Realtor?

Want to work from anywhere with a more flexible family schedule?

Tired of feeling stuck not knowing where to start?


Determined to earn income through your own Virtual Assistant business?

Are you looking to gain control over HOW and WHO you work with while confidently running your business? Then you already know that you need to keep reading....

Here is what you might not know about Virtual Assistants Specializing in Real Estate 

  • We work directly with Realtors and their teams to manage the paperwork of their buyers and sellers during escrow (escrow basically means the active part of a home being bought or sold). 
  • We are Virtual Assistants with various backgrounds who have decided to focus on 1 primary industry
  • Virtual Assistants who Specialize in Real Estate Transaction Coordination can be called various names like Real Estate VA, VA, Virtual TC, TC
  • Although we have decided to focus our marketing efforts on one industry there are ways to become a year round valuable asset no matter what the market is doing
  • Many of us are unlicensed and don't have prior experience in Real Estate besides purchasing or selling our own home.
  • Some of us have families, have to do the "nap time hustle" because of little ones and can still meet our income goals with 1-3 clients

Even though the reasons to pursue starting or growing your own business are obvious, sometimes the path to get there successfully is not as clear.

I totally understand getting scrappy and spending hours on Youtube or Mr. Google (Youtube's daddy) trying to learn and put the pieces together without guidance. Maybe, you've even invested in software that you don't really know how to use and probably don't even need! You want to live a more intentional life in the way you spend your time...ALL of your time. Maybe you are even feeling out of alignment at your current job or so stressed at your current job that your health is at risk (I've been there btw).

I can feel the stress of that. But more importantly...I can alleviate that stress! As a successful Real Estate TC for the last 5 years I can relate to not having a family member or friend in business to provide advice in the beginning. I know what it feels like to want it so bad but that mean girl is in your head reminding you that you don't have experience. I pushed through that and a lot more. I'm thankful that I can reach back and provide the guidance I wish I had.

The 3 Mindset Upgrades You Need to Make Right Now to Get Started 

  • You need to believe that you have the ability to take action on something new and excel at it!
  • You need to stop telling yourself I'll do it when X happens. What if X never happens?
  • You need to get into the habit of keeping promises to yourself and maybe even to your family.



A proven blueprint to start, market, organize, and grow your Virtual Assistant business Specializing in Real Estate Transaction Coordination

My Signature Course, the Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Masterclass has successfully transformed students to starting, securing clients and working from home in their own Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Business.

Over the last five years I've built my own Real Estate TC business where my Realtor clients rave about the quality of my service.  I've also been blessed with 100% client retention!

I knew I had to share the love and teach other women so you can be empowered to take control of the way you earn income and use your time. Remember, I know what it feels like to be without guidance, not know where to start, worried about not having experience and so much more.

Investing in myself through coaching and various training opportunities has been one of the best decisions I've made.  It's a mindset shift that I had to make within myself, to be able to help my students realize their goals.

A few words from my students...

If you have tried to make a change before and it didn't work out don't be hard on yourself. Let's use what you have right now, which will be access to the Masterclass.

The Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Masterclass is the ONLY "business in a box" program of its kind that will show you how to…

1. Confidently start and market your Virtual Assistant business Specializing in Real Estate without experience.

2. Follow a proven blueprint so you are no longer stuck wondering how to get started and what you should and shouldn't be spending time and money on.

3. Create a schedule that allows quality time with the VIPs in your life.


4. Transition from the employee mindset to that of a business owner.

So if you’re ready to finally change the way you work while avoiding the overwhelm and searching on Google for the answers...

Here's how we'll help you get here:


Module 1

Getting Started in the Business

Module Highlights: This module removes the overwhelm of making your business legit but on a budget.

Overview of your role as a Virtual Real Estate TC on a Realtor's team, Tools to Use & Business Basics. Before you go investing in expensive software and tech gadgets we will learn about the basics that you need to serve your clients well. Then if you feel like getting a fancy and have the budget to do so, you can move forward with ease.

Module 2

Take a Deep Dive into the workflow of a Typical Residential Real Estate Transaction

Module Highlights: You visual learners will especially love this module as we go through a sample transaction. This module will leave you confident on the flow of a transaction and the parties involved.

We will get you comfortable with the workflow of a transaction as well as the lingo! In both a step by step list and a real life sample, this module really makes the difference in your understanding of the role of a Real Estate TC.

Module 3

Managing Workflow, Creating Procedures & Becoming Invaluable 

Module Highlights: You will learn some of the proven strategies I've used in my business to increase my per hour transaction rate and keep my clients happy.

This Lesson is the foundation of having a successful business. Once you bring in Realtors you need to serve them in a way they will never want to leave! Having built in systems within your business not only helps you stay organized and efficient but they automate the process of you providing your Realtors a great client experience.

Module 4

Marketing Strategies to Secure a Client 

Module Highlights: This module will not only support you in pitching clients but it will teach you some creative ways to get clients.

These Lessons will teach you how to pitch yourself, charge and negotiate. Being comfortable in how you present your new business sometimes takes a little practice. I'll share some strategies past students and myself have used with success.

Module 5

Advanced Tips & Growing Beyond Yourself

Module Highlights: This module is the icing on the cake. You will learn how to complete the implementation of processes in your business. It will also allow you to dream a bit in regards to growing your business.

These Lessons will give you tools and strategies to grow the business and take it to the next level. Remember, this is a business not a hobby and so we will treat it as such. Including, a proven system to manage your finances from the first $1 you make!

I know that together, we will be a powerful combination in achieving your goal of starting or growing your business. I've helped many students in the past who were motivated to make a change in their life. Because I'm so confident, I offer a 15 day money back guarantee. If you show us a detailed written account of how you went through each of the modules, then took action on what I taught with proof (screenshots and copies of emails) and you are can request a refund. But don't worry..I take care of my students so you won't have to do this ;)

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Real Estate TC Masterclass 'Business in a Box" Package


One Time Payment

Included: Module 1

Included: Module 2

Included: Module 3

Included: Module 4

Included: Module 5

Included: Lifetime Access to Course

Included: Invitation to Quarterly Alumni Calls in 2021

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Real Estate TC Starter Package


One Time Payment

Included: Module 1

Included: Module 2

Included: Module 3

Included: Module 4

Included: Module 5

Included: Lifetime Access to Course

Included: Invitation to Quarterly Alumni Calls in 2021

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A few words from my students...

The Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Masterclass is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You are detail oriented and desire to work from wherever you want (as long as you have your laptop ;))
  2. You feel stuck or out of alignment with the work you are currently doing
  3. You are ready to invest in yourself and stop allowing yourself to accept excuses for going after your goals 
  4. You don't want another month or year to go by, dreaming about getting started.
  5. You are a little nervous but even more excited to work in Real Estate without having to be a Realtor
  6. You can watch The Golden Girls reruns every night before bed ;)
If you said "YES” to at least 4 of the above, what are you waiting for! Grab a cup of tea and Click Here to Get Started!

A few words from my students...


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